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Daihatsu sirion M100 panels

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Hello, I have a 'sorta' Toyota, and I'm not sure where else to ask about it.  Its a 1999 Sirion M100 Automatic.  I understand that the engine is Toyota, and is really smooth at only 42000 miles. 

I put in Iridium plugs, changed the Oil and filters, basic stuff.  Got reconditioned alternator fitted as original was marginal.  Air con was a bit slow to start up, appears faster now.  Because it was a city car with only one owner from new, and not used much, I ran a few tanks of Redex through it.  Seems to have carbonised it nicely, judging by the black goop that came out.   Throttle cable tensioner was loose, adjusted  got full horses.

It had a minor 'off' recently with only minor damage (scratches and a broken clip) and am getting a new tyre set on ASAP.  Mixed cheap tyres will try to kill you.  

It was looking in the rear wheel arch areas and the sill, I noticed light surface rust starting to form.  I guess it lasted this long as it looks like it was garaged.  I gave it a quick Dinitrol spray for now

I'm planning to inject Dinitrol ML/Ankor wax anywhere I can, and will be removing the plastic covers, I'm assuming the worst in advance (past Daihastsu experience) and leads me to ask the question:


Where can I find new sills/rocker panels and wheel arches and panels, anywhere in the world?  

I can weld ok, but no chance of forming complex repair shapes.  Just a noob that want to keep a car nice.

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