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Need to replace whole headlight assembly on avensis 2016 as moved to France

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i recently moved to France from uk and my Toyota avensis 2016 headlights failed the French mot as they point to the left instead of right and the deflector stickers are not allowed for the mot.

toyota are finalising the quote to fix this with new European headlight assemblies but am expecting more than 2000 euros .

i read that some cars have a switch to change the direction and am surprised with all the technology on the car that it does not have this adjustment 

i will look into if I can buy the assemblies much cheaper elsewhere if I can find them  and maybe install the assemblies myself...I am not a mechanic 

any help would be appreciated 



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Take a look at your headlights, the connectors, take a picture or two. Check on ebay and see if the connectors match. If yes, get a pair of used one, and replace them yourself. If you are unsure you can do it yourself, have a garage do it, certainly much cheaper than having Toyota do it.

You can go to toyota-tech.eu, it's paid access to their manuals, just a few euros to get what you need.

You can then find the manual, download/print/save, or do whatever. 

I had to take my whole car's dash apart, side pillars, manuals helped immensely, and i had it out and back in in 2 hours, so well worth the money.


I don't know how's the local market there, but i would consider the option of selling the car, and getting a RHD one.

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2 hours ago, furtula said:

i would consider the option of selling the car, and getting a RHD one.

LHD as moved to France.

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