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Replace/upgrade stereo in '55 reg Corolla

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Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, I couldn't find anything. The sound out of current unit (I believe model number is 86120-02380) has ceased on both radio and CD. I can see that the tracks are selected, and here the disc turning, the radio scans and locates stations, but no sound from any Speakers even at MAX volume. Removal and refitting (according to steps in Haynes manual) gave me sounds briefly, then it went patchy after a minute or two and then back to nothing.

Is it likely that the speakers/connections on the unit are just old ? perhaps I need a replacement unit. I was looking at an 'upgrade' to the 6 CD changer (model 86120-02440), is this possible for a plug and play? Not sure what the best course of action is so I would be very grateful for any advice - it's very hard driving with no music :o)

thank you all in advance


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It could be a fauty amplifier section of your head unit or faulty speaker cabling, or both !

Upgrading to a 6 CD player  not recommended, much better buying a new single or double din head unit with USB, Aux and /or BT inputs, with or without a CD player..

Upgrading the front Speakers, same size , but with a decent make will also give a very good sound improvement.

However befoe doing either you need to test out the the speaker cabling from the head unit to the Speakers,  usually a multimeter is needed to test things out, if you have  one ?


If it is the head unit thats gone and you want the same, if you look in the audio section of this Toyota forum , or Ebay etc you might find the same head unit for sale, where they have upgraded.

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oldcodger, hi

Thank you very much for coming back to me so quick and for the great advice. My boys have been telling me to get a new one, so maybe that's what I'll do after I've checked the cabling - I got very near to getting a new philips unit the last time this happened (would like to maintain the green lighting) a couple of years ago, but that time, just removing the unit and putting it back in fixed the issue, so I figured something had just worked loose. This didn't work this time though!

I did want to do this (we have at least 2 multimeters in the house!) and tried to work out which is the cable that leads the the Speakers. However, I must admit to being flummoxed by the wiring diagrams in my Haynes, and didn't see any helpful 'this is the speaker cable' labels. Any idea where I can find out which of the three blocks at the back of the unit holds the speaker cables?

thanks again

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These diagrams should help, just check which model you have fitted.

It does sound  like a damaged cable or faulty parts inside the head unit, has it ever blown its fuse   ?

While checking the wires to the Speakers, open and shut the doors as the movement might be causing a break or short where it passes  by the hinge.

If looking for a new head unit, you need to check in detail, but many of the newer ones have displays where you can change the colour of the leds so you can match it with any dash layout, so widens your choice of unit, at a price.






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good morning

these are great, thank you. No the fuse has never blown and nothing else has ever seemed affected. I'll check the tip about the door hinges too, thank you.

OK, well changeable LED's will certainly open up the market a bit, but keep an eye on the budget at the same time. I also need to factor in the 'fascia panel' that makes it conform to the dash contours, otherwise it just looks wrong. Seems to be quite the price range here too!

I'll let you know how I get on.

have a great weekend


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