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EPB failure and low idle speed.

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Good evening all.

I have recently had the handbrake fail. In a bid to reset the ecu I disconnected the Battery, this has made no change to the handbrake which is not a surprise but upon restarting the car it now idles at 400 rpm and occasionally stalls. 
I understand that the EPB will need expensive replacement.

How do I get it to idle properly?

Does anyone repair the EPB?

First time post and trying to avoid or at least reduce what is likely to be a £1k bill.

thank you.

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I changed my car Battery last year and the idle was so low it was close to stalling. I found procedure. 

Apart the fact your car is auto and slightly younger than my car, have you got diagnostic codes? Has any work been done on rear brakes, because seized parts, or incorrectly wound back pistons, can cause issues with the EPB. 

Another thing is to avoid deep puddles, flooded roads and fords. 

Check these cheaper things before the EPB unit itself. 

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Thank you for your reply, I have sorted the idle issue now. 
I have enquired with Toyota MD who has quoted £1163 to supply and fit. There have been no recent works to the brakes on this car. 
I have it booked in at a local garage next week for code reading and will report back then.

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