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Yaris idling at 1300rpm

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Hi, I start my Yaris and its constantly idling at 1300rpm. When driving the car revs high when changing gear or slowing down.

Has anyone got any ideas?

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Yes, that is the issue, luckily it's a simple fix, as the car only needs to re-learn idle position.

Disconnect Battery again for 10 minutes, reconnect, and start the car. Let the car idle for 10 minutes, then take it for a short ride, until it warms up. 

Idle problem should be fixed.

I remember some people saying that because of cold temperatures, you should first warm the car up, then try the procedure, so in case it does not work out for you, you can try it like that too.

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I have given your suggestion a couple of tries now and still the same problem. It did sound abit better at first each time but I take it for a drive and when your foot is not on the accelerator it high revs 

You are deffiantly correct as the issue did start are I disconnected the Battery.

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