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Change Blower Motor and Resistor T27

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Hi all ! Anyone any experience changing these parts out ?

Cant seem to find any good video links that are T27 specific..

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I would look at how everything is assembled, to get an idea of how to dismantle the blower motor. Once the glove box storage has been removed, you can see the motor and the cabin filter compartment cover. If you look around the motor housing, you may find the screws and the cable to the motor. Once you locate the cable, follow it until you find the resistor. If you can unplug the resistor, you can test the motor by running cables from the Battery. You need to identify which wires are for the motor power and negative. That way you can eliminate the motor. 

One other issue could be the control system has been damaged! 

Most of what I said is experience on other cars or a bit of guessing, because it's rare for a recent Avensis to have heater motor and/or resistor faults, unless like you, there was an external problem. 

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