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Bluetooth won't turn off and drains the battery - Aygo Blue 2010

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Hi, the bluetooth unit in my Aygo Blue 2010 won't turn off and thus is draining my Battery

When I first bought the car 6 months ago the bluetooth unit wasn't working and wouldn't power up, however after disconnecting the Battery recently, it has now come to life but won't turn off, thus draining the Battery.  

Can anyone tell me how to turn it off? 

The unit is one of the small rectangular ones above the rearview mirror.

I doubt this is the case but is there a dedicated fuse for it that I can remove? Can I disconnect it at the back of the radio?

Thanks in advance.

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you may need to disconnect it from the fuse box, this thread shows where it should be on an mk1 aygo


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If it is the genuine Toyota accessory, which it would seem it is, the it is all wired in behind the radio SEE

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Thank you both.  

I used the link to disconnect it via the panel in the glovebox. 

However I am still having Battery problems - it may be a coincidence but more investigation needed 

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