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Desperate to resolve intermittent power issue

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Hello All,

I have a Toyota RAV4 SXA11 with an intermittent fault. It sometimes has normal power climbing steep hills between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm without any problem. Easy on the throttle and up it goes like a mountain goat. At other times it is gutless and, even on flat ground, when you increase the throttle slightly it is as if the fuel has been cut off, it just will not respond. You can hear it sucking air but it's just dead. If you then push the throttle to the floor it kicks down and takes off but still with not the usual power. The problem can be there for weeks and will then suddenly disappear for a while only to reappear out the blue. 

It doesn't misfire, it's just becomes gutless. It is as if the 2 litre Toyota has been replaced by an inferior 800 cc! Actually dangerous to drive sometimes.

It has been on diagnostics numerous times. No fault found. 1 year and 7 mechanics later, about Euro 1,200 spent and still the same.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you All.


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Years ago I had this problem with a car can’t remember which one, it turned out to be the exhaust which had collapsed inside the silencer causing excess back pressure although it was doing it all the time and as yours is intermittent it may not be this I have heard of these RAV4’s autos sometimes being stuck occasionally in top gear but if you have had seven mechanics look at it I would have thought they would have found the fault by now.

i know it sounds far fetched but check the obvious carpet/mats not getting under throtttle pedal also check movement of throttle butterfly inside the throttle housing also it might pay to clean the inside of throttle body with carb cleaner, not sure if it has a Maf sensor I think it has disconnect it then drive it again and see if that makes any difference.Mass Air flow Sensor (MAF): how it works, symptoms ...




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My gutless 2008 had a loose vacuum hose and also a broken cable to the MAF. I could imagine either of these causing your problem, eg if the car goes round a bend or over a bump. Unlikely, but ideas for you. 
Good luck. 

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