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RAV4 2AD-FTV and 2AD-FHV engines and swaps

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With the years rav4 series got several engines model some of them very similar

my question if wanted swap engine block , except for the head , block

 of 2ad-ftv is totally compatible with the 2ad-fhv?

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Can't answer, but 10 years after the Great DCAT Disaster of needing to replace short engines in RAV4, Avensis, Lexus 220, I'm generally wondering what is the cheapest and most efficient way of dealing with one of those dodgy 2AD-FHV engines these days.  Has anyone worked out what else of similar power swaps in with the least hassle?

I think the problem in the UK is these cars are now valued at 2-3k so it's uneconomic to repair them.  Where I am my car is still valued at 10k plus so I'd be interested.

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Head is totally different but the block has same shape and if i try to order headgasket online says compatible for FHV and FTV

today been call toyota service and very suprised they not sure too if still possible to mix FTV block with FHV head  🤣

they said ''probably yes''

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