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Front pad replacement

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Hi I have a 2017 Yaris hybrid and want to replace the front pads do I need a piston push back tool if so do I need a left and right hand one or can I use a c clamp many thanks

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You can use the clamps, however a good tool that has ends to rotate always better, easier and useful for the rear one when times come. What is the mileage of the car, only 3 years old ready for new brake pads? 

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For front pads you don't need any special tools, no clamps and no wind back tools.  If the caliper doesn't swing up freely, you might need to lever the piston back a little bit with a big screwdriver, a flat tyre lever or squeeze it back with a big pair of gland pliers.  I like to push the piston back, even a tiny bit before I take the bottom bolt out as it's easier when the caliper is held in position.  You can even get your lever/screwdriver in and push the piston fully in before you remove anything.  After you've swung the caliper up, you'll have full access the the piston and you'll be able to push it back in with gland pliers.

You tube videos.

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