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13 Reg Aygo - Headlight bulb help

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Hey Aygo-fans...

I'm replacing the headlight in our 2013 Aygo.   The dipped beam is fine, just need the main beam light (though it may require a twin filament bulb). 

When I put our Reg into an headlight online headlight bulb finder, it said that I need an H4 bulb...  however I seem to have a vague recollection of having to send back a bulb previously, and when I look on my order history, where i usually buy bulbs, I can see H11, and H7, but not H4... 

Our Family car is a Toyata Verso, so one of those is for it, so I'm assuming the other one is the correct one that I need, but I don't want to end up making a mistake, and because I've now gone full circle to second guessing myself, I wondered if someone, could help me out and tell me if I'm being a doofus, and if it is actually the H4, I'd be grateful...

Many Thanks in advance...


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If you originally ordered the H7 for the Verso dipped beam, the correct bulb would have been the H11.

H4 for the first generation Aygo is right.


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