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12 volt battery problem

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My 12v Battery went dead flat on me, admit didn't use for 5 days but a 10 month old car C HR 2 litre hybrid ?  I jumped started it no problem and decided to charge it for 24 hours , my charger indicator shows a scale of 0-10.  0 being fully charged state,  so this 10 month old Battery after 24 hours only made level 4 (half way). meaning the Battery is only holding about half charge I think. therefore the Battery is in my opinion knackered ! 

Took it to dealership, they kept over night and reported back through their secret mechanic/workshop process that the Battery tested GOOD . What could I say, what do I know ? but say ok and leave,  before I left I inspected the Battery and took photos, is it normal for acid/water to weep from the health inspection hole ? was it due to over cooking ? surely the "mechanic" would pick up on this, at least scrap off the evidence?   any way sent an email to them to confirm that this is normal , waiting for reply from Toyota Sidcup Kent ?  Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks 



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I have never seen that white deposit on any Battery I have had with the inspection window. The green indicator does show that the Battery is good that indicator is a form of hydrometer i think, I would fully charge the Battery leave it for 48 hrs then unscrew the caps with a two pence coin and check the specific gravity with a Battery hydrometer on each of the cells  if you have one should read 12:60 to 12:74, 85 to 100% fully charged or more or less within the green scale with a fully charged Battery, also check the fluid levels should be a least half inch above plates if not then go back to dealer.

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thanks for that Rosgoe  , yer the point is that I couldn't fully charge the Battery as it wouldn't charge to full capacity , I understand that the green eye only indicates the condition of that one cell , maybe I'll take the car to a garage for a Battery check for a second opinion?  the problem with all dealerships is you cant pin any one down, its all a secret, you cant ask questions, you can't talk to the mechanic, you cant see what they're doing or why they are doing it .  Still have 5 year warranty on the Battery but lost faith in the motor now , my wifes 6 year old mini tells me when the Battery is in a state of discharge,  a warning , therefore had that Battery changed last month after 6 years trouble free.

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Service manager agreed to change Battery under warranty , they removed the factory fitted 45Ah which didnt seem the correct Battery in my opinion, it just has one label as shown on top of Battery made by MUTLO, no other labels on the sides anywhere, no toyota logo's , Nothing!             I asked the manager if it was the wrong Ah for this 2 litre engine, he said he wasn't aware of that as he hadn't had a 2ltr chr in before?

Any way 20 mins later Battery changed and low and behold a proper Toyota factory 52Ah Battery in its place , fully labeled/livered with Toyota stickers all over it  and dated January 2021. lol ,  I take it, this a pucker Battery unlike the other cheapo ? And yes a 52 Ah spec. so i have a little more faith in this £31.000+ jam jar for now ?


New Batery.jpg

old Battery.jpg

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