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Radio won't go off after key is taken out ignition

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Hi everyone, I have created an account specifically because of the below issue! I have tried to look online everywhere but haven't found anything.

I have a Toyota Yaris 2011 T-spirit and the Battery has been in slow decline for the last year. Last week the car was flat so I bought and changed the Battery. As I connected the Battery the radio fired up. I thought nothing of it so got in and went for a drive to check it was alright.

When I come to take the key out the ignition the radio stayed on. It is an inbuilt radio with a sat nav screen. I realised it was an issue so turned the radio off manually but it only went to standby and the Speakers were putting out a little bit of white noise so I disconnected the Battery.

I checked all fuses etc and even ended pulling them all out individually and the radio wouldn't go off.

Today I have been to two mechanics and two auto-mechanics and none of them know what the issue is. One suggested it may be a software issue but basically they don't know.

Anyone got any ideas?

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50 minutes ago, flash22 said:

Disconnect the battery for 20 mins and let it reset

I've tried that, no joy. Cheers though. 

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Is it the tom tom TNS410 ? if so pop out the tom tom unit - top right eject button iirc, cycle the key a few times then put it back in

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