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Auris 12v battery problem.

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Greeting! I have an Auris hybrid 2013 12v Battery broplem.The Battery only discharges on its own only in the winter frost. In the summer this does not happen. There is a new Varta Battery,Defa maintenance charger-radiant heater.Deep discharge in  48 hours.Does anonyne have any information on the watter.Iwould be grateful for an error. t,Tepi 

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Hi Tuevo!

As you have a new Battery already, then we can rule that out.

In the winter, do you spend any time in the car with the heated seats  and heated rear screen turned on, before you set off?

If you are turning these accessories on with the 'System' not fully on in 'ready' mode (i.e. ready to select 'drive' and set off), then it will be the 12v Battery that is powering them, with no charging from the 'high voltage' Battery etc. at this point.  This could mean that the 12v Battery discharges a larger amount than the car has time to recharge it, especially if your journeys are a short distance.  Perhaps you knew this already!

Have you had the car long?

Are you driving lots of short journeys? 

I'm guessing that you are in Finland, perhaps? 

How cold is winter where you live?

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Greeting! I keepa litle 12v load while driving.Auris had me 2013  model155.000 km.A short distancein winter 20-50 km in three days.I am from Finland where the weather -5-25c iscommon. The defa charger is a good help in regard.It is wonder ful to have adeel disc harge of the Battery unles it is defa .Discharges forup to 48 hours. Other t,Tepi 

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