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Catalytic converter thefts on the rise

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Hi all hope you had a reasonable Xmas and here is wishing you a Covid free new year.

Recently having read some crime news in the national and local press there appears to be a rise in "cat" theft incidents. My local town recently had experience of two vehicles being targeted. I rang my local dealer Stephen Eagle in Peterborough and was told that Priuses seem to be a particular target because of ease of access. They managed to reassure me that the Corolla Hybrid  was not on the villains target list because of the location of the " cat "under the bodywork. There are  "anti-cat" theft kits around but they are pricey however the cost of these is nothing compared to the cost and inconvenience  of replacing a cat plus the fact its illegal to drive a vehicle with a missing cat. I am going to give it a miss and will just be ultra careful how and where I park my vehicle.

Last week  I had my first service and was a little bit concerned as to how well my car would be cleaned afterwards bearing  in mind my area and Peterborough is in Tier 4. I need not have worried my car was picked up by a masked/gloved driver and I was assured that the interior had been thoroughly cleaned. Nevertheless after delivery I left all the doors etc open for about two hours in the open air after delivery and gave the steering wheel door handles etc a good wipe over and so far so good. 

Stay safe guys. 



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Louie, yes Toyota do supply and fit catloc devices for a subsidised price of £250. However you can buy alternatives that do the job for a lot less. I bought one for my Prius and the wife’s Auris hybrid, delivered and then fitted by my local garage for about £140 in total for both. Thicker plate then a lot on the market too.  They are detergents, not thief proof. More a case of that’s going to take longer to get the cat then I want to spend.....I will go and do another hybrid. It’s not just hybrids they go for, any cat has the precious metals inside, that’s what they after, not the cat itself.

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Hi Joe

So these catlocs (detergents ? ) come in a plastic bottle filled with green liquid and i fit them using water and a sponge LOL.  Okay so you forgot to use Grammarly so you are excused.

Stay safe my good man.


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Hi Guys

Sadly i am having to raise the issue of cat thefts again.

A couple of weeks ago we saw locally Long Sutton and Sutton Bridge (South Holland Lincs)a spate of cat thefts targeting here is the text "

A Sutton resident has warned all car owners of a thieves wearing hi viz jackets that are operating in the borough stealing catalytic converters. “I had my catalytic converter stolen off my car a couple of days ago while it was parked outside my house,” said the resident. “They jacked up the car, crawled underneath, cut it off the exhaust system and were gone in minutes! I didn’t hear of see a thing. Following research it appears that this is happening all over the country and that there are so many incidents garages don’t have replacement catalytic converters to fit. they wore hi viz jackets which made them look official.”

The article does not mention the vehicles involved they were a Prius, Auris and Honda Jazz.

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