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help..I have my red light on battery ,,and the battery is new my window wripers are slow and need to recharge battery all the time? I s it the alternator??

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My red light is on in my car ,the Battery keeps draining .and put on Battery charger .could it be a fuse or alternator?help.also the Battery new the car os a 2008 .water pump new Battery new and thats it runs like new .what could it be a fuse ?

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I would check the alternator output first. If you have, or can borrow, a multimeter set to 20v d.c., a rough and ready test is to determine the voltage at the Battery terminals with the engine running. 14v or slightly above would be an indication that alternator is charging the Battery. It should maintain that voltage even with a load, e.g. headlights on.

The slow wipers could be a result of low Battery voltage because it isn't charging by the alternator.

Othewise you possibly need a proper diagnosis by a repair garage or auto electrician.

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