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Rear drums to discs conversion

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I checked diagrams for a Corolla E110/111 to understand how to build rear disc brakes with and without hand brake pads.
There are two sizes of brake pads. The big ones (37 mm) for the drum brakes and the smaller ones (22x172 diameter) to work only as hand brake
with a brake caliper set like
The dust plate
4780412060 Genuine Toyota COVER SUB-ASSY, DISC BRAKE DUST, REAR LH 47804-12060
TOYOTA 47803-12060 Disc Brake Dust Cover SUB ASSY Rear RH Right Genuine COROLLA.

i would like to know if I can use the drum brake spring set with the 22 mm pads on the rear dust plate. I disn’t find a rear dust plate complete with hand brake pads for swap. So I need to figure this out.
The second option, as shown in the diagrams , is to use the brake calipers that include the hand brake system. The OEM is 47750-12460
New parts are expensive and I would like to choose the cheapest option.
Last question. Someone says that the hand brake wire should be replaced during the drum brake to disc brake plate conversion, but I’m not sure as I think it’s only about the connection system.
The hub should be the same between the drum brake and disc system, even if diagrams show an option between the two.
I hope that you can help. Thanks










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