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Door seal coming away from body of the car

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Hi, The rear passenger door seal on my 2004 yaris has come away from the body of the car not from the door itself along the top theres about 6 inches of the rubber thats come away. so what can i use to attach it back to the car as its letting water drip inside the car.


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Hi, if your problem is caused by the door rubber coming unstuck, rather than splitting, then you could try this tape that is linked to below.

The double sided dense foam can be bought in at least three thicknesses, 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, depending on the application, but it's not cheap.  Perhaps you need something similar that has nearly no thickness?


Screwfix sell it as well as others.  And there are other 'copycat' tapes from other manufacturers.

This tape is often used by car dealers to stick number plates to cars, so they don't need any drilling. And this type of tape is often used to stick car badges at the factory.

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I'd second the tape suggestion Gerg has linked. Sticks like poo to a blanket!

It's used to stick the side door moulding/protection strips to my car. Still there after almost 7 years exposed to the weather etc.. The rear bumper sill protection strip also uses that tape.

Get it right first time though. No second chances.

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