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2015 Aygo water leak

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I have a leak that results in a puddle in the passenger footwell. I’ve fitted a new seal on the passenger door, but the problem remains, I can’t see any other source of the leak and wondered if anyone had any pointers on where to look next. 
thanks in advance 

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There are umpteen number of threads on this topic Inthe internet (even you tube videos). Have you checked them out?

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dont blindly replace parts...a few trims need stripping off in the suspect area then watch from inside as a help sprays the car with a hose 

front footwell...id look at the door membrane 

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Assuming you have a later Mk2 Aygo then water leaks are rare and none of the issues affecting the Mk1 model are repeated, obvious point to check:

  • Does you car have AC? if so then there is a drain pipe exiting the bottom of the heater/ac unit which passes out through the bulkhead, make sure this is fitted and with the AC running you can see water dripping from the rear of the engine bay.
  • Is the original windscreen fitted/have you had a new screen ?
  • Any bodywork completed

Assuming you have had the car a while? has anything been worked on recently ?


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