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2008 corolla verso fuel pump/sender issue/locaty

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Hi. Hopefully someone has experience of this. I've had my 2008 corolla verso 1.8 vvti petrol for a couple of years now, and is it me or is the fuel gauge terrible?  Mine is so inaccurate, doesn't move then plummets!  I thought that was just how it goes, until I had a misfire and it consumed fuel in one journey like it was going out of fashion!  It seems a coincidence for the fuel gauge to go wrong when I have a misfire?  Anyway, I changed (eventually) the injectors, spark plug boots (had a crack so it was shorting on the head) and a MAF sensor). Now it runs great, but I'm still unsure about the gauge. I was waiting in a queue, and saw it over 5-10 seconds, go up nearly a quarter tank, then drop down again nearly to where it was!  Anyone had this?  Anyway, I was on an eBay spree, so got a replacement pump/sender unit for £20. Only thing is, I can't find where in the back to lift up the carpet to find it!!!  Anyone have a clue?  Note, it's a UK right hand drive, so if you say drivers side, mine is on the right. Thanks!!!!

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On some models (eg Auris, etc) the fuel gauge operates in a non linear way  - as the tank empties the bars on the gauge extinguish more quickly. I've two Auris and an Aygo from new, and the gauges operate in the same way. Something one gets used to.

Plus if when you fill up, you put in less than 15 litres, the range reading can be affected. 

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Thanks Frostyballs. I'm not sure it's that. Its almost like the gauge was sticking and never in the same place, plus when it went up then down, well I've never seen that before. But as long as I find out where it is, then I'll just swap it out and see if that's at fault...

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Hi, Over the last few months I have had a similar occurrence with the fuel gauge on my Corolla Verso 2006 1.8L VVT. 

On the outward journey in the first couple of miles the gauge actually went up! On my return journey the gauge dropped to where it should be. Maybe its voltage?

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