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2008 Toyota Aygo three door central locking issue! Please help

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Hey everyone!

I have just bought an Aygo off a private seller and he wasn’t very truthful about the central locking 😐

Basically, the driver side door has been replaced and has its own key but the rest of the doors and ignition run off the original key. It doesn’t have central locking and the seller said the key fob apparently needed another Battery and would work....I took it apart and it doesn’t have a mechanism in it! Ahha

So I am abit forgetful and I worry that the passenger side door will be left unlocked as the drivers door does not lock and unlock all the doors when i insert the key into the door.

is there a way around it? Is it simple as a fuse or do I need another central locking mechanism in the drivers door??

I really would appreciate some help

Thank you



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  • Kaykay123 changed the title to 2008 Toyota Aygo three door central locking issue! Please help

Sounds like they replaced a full door with one from a model without central locking? It would require the door lock/motor mechanism, about £100 new, but you might be able to buy second hand and install it. You would still have the door lock with a different key

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Thank you for your help! That does make sense. I don’t mind having two keys I just want to know all the doors lock with the drivers side. I’ve had a look on eBay and they’re £15-18 for the driver side mechanism. But.... how do I know my car came with central locking ahah! Is has hand winding windows?





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