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Did the Celica Tsunami GT come in automatic

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Did the Celica Tsunami GT come in automatic?

I own a blue 2005 Celica Tsunami GTS, 6-speed standard with blue/black interior.  My dream car!

I viewed another 2005 Tsunami today that was thunder cloud gray with red/black interior parts.  It had low mileage but the car had been in accidents with the lines and body panels badly out of lube and adjustment and “rebuilt” status so I passed on it even though it had the original Tsunami Badge on the back.

The really weird thing is that it was an automatic GT!!!

Mine is a GTS with 6-speed.  I’ve seen photos of the Tsunami in a GT but did the GT Tsunami ever come with an automatic?  Sounds weird to me?!?

Maybe it’s a bunch of different cars put together???





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The "Tsunami" was never made available in the UK.

The only tiptronic models ever seen for sale in this country are imported JDM cars, and these were all pre face lift, so at least 20 years old now.


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