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MK2 Vacuum Lines


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Hi Everyone,

Been a long time lurker here and finally decided to sign up so I could ask this question.

I've been looking for a while now of a detailed description of the vacuum line routes on the 1CD-FTV engine. I have found snippets or very vague images but nothing that really helps me.

My issue is I have some vacuum lines that aren't connected and when I try connect them to what looks like the most logical place the engine run like crap.

The main one is I have a line from the turbo boost pressure sensor (this has a constant suction) which goes in the direction of the turbo which is not connected and also a line from the UFO type device (turbo actuator?) on top of the turbo that also goes to nothing, when I try connect the two the turbo starts to spin up and that car struggles the rev past 2000rpm, so I'm assuming that's not where its supposed to go. Any ideas?



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