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On my 2020 corolla multimedia I have V1 map update when I press the check for updates icon I get message map is up to date, anybody know’s why it says map is up to date when there is a V2 update on the Toyota portal I have downloaded the V2 update anyway to my laptop and am going to unzip the file to the usb later then plug it into car, I know I have read elsewhere on the forum that this can take for ever and a day.

Is there any advantage to down load V2 or wait for the next update also it says use a 8gb usb or greater which I used on the auris as I have a few of these but the file is 12 gb so have ordered a 16 gb, you would think Toyota would make this clear on download instructions on the portal.

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I have the same Corolla as you, Christopher, and I did the update in December. It does take a while due to the file size and speed of running the updater from a USB drive: in my case, an hour and 15 mins in total. I posted an account of it with screenshots here - 

I think it's worth doing the update if you have it: you'll have the latest map with must be worth having (although I don't use it much, preferring Android Auto and Google Maps).


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