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Double Din/Sat Nav

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Hi all, 

We've just bought a 2010 Rav4, 2.2 XT-R. I want to replace the standard single din head unit with an after market double din sat nav/stereo. Can anyone recommend a decent unit? I've seen a Clarion NX712 but unsure as to wether to go for it. Would I need a wiring harness? Also, would I need to change the standard aerial in order to get DAB?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes you'd need either to replace existing aerial or use the windscreen DAB aerial which normally supplied with stereos with DAB option. Windscreen aerials normally give a little weaker signal reception although it depends on the area you live. You can also buy additional external DAB aerial with magnet foot (only £10 in Halfords), they give good reception and save you a hassle replacing existing aerial and feeding cables. I added external DAB unit to my existing stereo and chose to replace existing aerial with combined shark fun aerial with three built-in aerials (Radio, DAB and GPS) like this one:


Sorry I can recommend any stereos, good luck with your upgrade. 

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I had an older version of this great units. Has everything appradio mode so it can mirror your phone, also bluetooth and dab as well. You will need a plug and play harness for your car all on the same website. Aerial wise the internal stick on ones are not really that great. A compromise would be an external glass mount type. Fairly good not too many drop outs and no drilling holes in your roof to fit!




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Would you use a smartphone? Apple CarPlay etc.

I heard great stories about the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB. 

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