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Aux Port On Yaris 19 plate

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It doesn't have an AUX, only USB - most owners just rip audio down to MP3 on a memory stick - 16gb is about £6-7 that can hold 1600-2000 tracks or 74+ albums

If you have the Touch2 its possible to add A/V in (left + right Audio and video in) fairly simply it will detect when the device is connected, it either comes up AUX in or A/V in or both

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It's not just car makers are dropping 3.5mm AUX. A lot of phone makers are dropping the headphone socket. As some people say, those features are old fashion. Until I saw this post, I was not aware of Amazon Echo Auto! I have done a quick Google search. There is an Amazon Echo Auto device that can be connected via 3.5mm AUX or bluetooth. I know from experience that bluetooth can do more, plus say using a handsfree via the car controls. My Avensis had voice only bluetooth (no music support) for voice calls and depending on the phone satnav voice directions. I got a bluetooth (with USB) that connects via my CD changer port, for full media support. It seems the OP was trying to go the opposite way.
I will read up more on the Amazon Echo Auto. 

This review seems to answer what I said above. It is more for an older car like mine, though I don't need it with my solution. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/product-reviews/353241/new-amazon-echo-auto-review

If you have a recent car with bluetooth plus recent and decent phone, you don't need this.

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I done a little more research and the Amazon Echo Auto can be connected via bluetooth to the car bluetooth or to the phone, which in turn connects to the car. This depends on the phone! For older cars without bluetooth but AUX, the Echo uses the aux cable. USB is only for power. 

For more info - https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GGQNAZAQA5KAMVKH

I have viewed some videos and the device depends on the phone as the interface and data. 

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