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RSA audible warning not working

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I have just bought a Yaris 2019/2020. The RSA is working but the audio is not. I have turned on the audio warning in settings and its fine. But when I restart the car the audio is turned off again. Is this standard or is there a way to keep the audio on as default please


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7 minutes ago, Martyn29 said:

A mk4 


There is a Technical service bulletin from Toyota for this:


Subject: RSA Over speed warning setting is lost after the IG cycle

All Markets
Models – Model Codes: Yaris - KSP211, MXPA11, MXPH11 ;
Description of the phenomenon Some customers may experience and report "Over speed warning setting is lost after the ignition cycle".

As additional information, customer can set the over speed warning at 2 or 5 km/h. Over speed warning can be 1. Visual 2. Audio or 3. Combination of Visual & Audio.

Production change Counter measure software has been applied in mass production

Repair Procedure - Reprogramming Reprogram the “FORWARD RECOGNITION CAMERA SENSOR REPROGRAMMING.” to the latest available calibration ID

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Yes you will need to visit your dealer for an update the fix was introduced into production from 10th Dec 2020 yours was built 2nd Nov 2020

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