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Avensis 2007 wheels

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i’m thinking about getting new wheels for my 2007 t25 avensis, i currently have 16” wheels but i want 19” or maybe 18” if 19” doesn’t fit.

Does anyone have experience and can tell me what does and does no work?

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Every wheel is different as not all have same central bore and offset, so you need to check yourself and compare.

You can check what fits on https://www.wheel-size.com/ to get general idea about the offset and CB.

I used it multiple times when getting new wheels, and info was always spot on.

Though, having such big wheels will make the ride more uncomfortable, and if you live in an area with plenty of potholes, you are in higher risk of damaging/breaking the rim.

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My car came with 18" Toyota/OZ-rims. The 225/40/R18 ContiPremiumContact 6 are noisy. Comfort is OK, but the 225 width makes the steering wheel feel heavy. I have the 2.0 which does not have the electrical power steering like the 1.8 has so this might not be as noticeable on those models.

I have 16" winter tyres as well and they are noticeably quieter. Kinda wish my car had 17" instead of the 18" to be honest.

These are the 18" rims:



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