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Dog/luggage guard for Prius PHV

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I’ve abandoned the dog crate idea for my PHV. As my working cockers spaniel is a small dog I think he will fit in the boot, despite it being very shallow. Consequently, I’m now looking for a dog guard that fits. A company called Travall UK make what appear to be quality guards, specific to many different car makes and models.

They only list a guard for the standard Prius and I was wondering if there was much difference in boot opening shape between Prius’s. The top mounting for the guard fits on the upper gutter in the hatchback opening. Anyone here who’s owned both models who could advise?

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Can those on this forum who read this and who have owned both standard Prius and the Plug-in version, comment on whether they think the the dog guard in the attached photo would fit a PHV.

Many thanks in anticipation.


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