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Can x-nav be retrofitted to a 2020 Aygo?

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I love CarPlay in my 2020 Aygo except for one thing - where I live mobile coverage is patchy so often Apple Maps will show a screen of grey rectangles on a white background instead of a map. Plus I'm planning to do the NC500 road trip round the 'top' of Scotland (when Covid allows) and expect mobile coverage to be patchy at best there.

Google maps would solve this IF I have downloaded a sufficiently large map area, but that's not always going to be the case.

My previous cars have had the maps stored locally (DVD or SD card) on both the OEM and aftermarket sat navs and it would be nice to be able to switch to x-nav (yes I know the maps and the system aren't great, but they're better than no maps!) when mobile coverage is non-existent.

I've seen posts in various places that say you cannot retrofit x-nav to 2018 onwards 3 button x-touch systems that have CarPlay, but is this confirmed to be true?

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X-nav is a complete unit with no separate Nav Module, you have found the big downside to car play, you can use Google Maps offline via CarPlay tho


not sure if the euro cars have a nav option + carplay

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I was thinking of another system, the x-nav isn't compatible with the Carplay unit tho, unless there is new info about

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Tried Google Maps last time I went out after downloading a large chunk of their maps for south west England (taken 322MB of storage, glad I've got a 512GB iPhone!) - much better than Apple Maps because in places where Apple Maps couldn't show me anything I still had maps.

After we had the same problem while on holiday in Maine I gave Apple feedback over a year ago that they needed to add the ability to download offline maps because not everywhere has decent 3G/4G coverage but had no response.

When I had a Windows phone (several years ago) I purchased CoPilot GPS which uses exclusively offline maps, I transferred that onto my iPhone but sadly it's not CarPlay compatible.

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4 hours ago, flash22 said:

Back in the day i had Tom Tom for palm, looking back that was cutting edge for the time

yeah I remember my old Tom Tom, it was great.

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