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Will the RAV4 infotainment play a video from a usb. If not how

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Assuming your infotainment system is similar to that in my 2019 Excel (although I do have the JBL upgrade - didn't want it, but I wanted the Panoramic 4-camera system which only came as a package), it will play .MP4 and, I think, .WMV and .MOV files (but only while stationary with the parkign brake applied).

Again, from memory, you want the menu to search for Artists, Genres etc.  One of the options is Folders, and you can search for a folder containing the file you want.  There might even be an option to list video files, next time I go out to the car I'll check and let you know unless someone beats me to it.

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Thanks Pete,

            I’ve got the JBL upgrade the moon roof all the cameras. I have to say the 4 camera shot looking round the car, and the aerial view is good, shame it only works in Park. I guess thats the situ with any video only works in park. If you

happen to find out if it’s possible to show moving images at all how you do it(step by step) I would appreciate it.

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I'll try to get out to the car tomorrow and take some pictures.

That camera system is awesome, isn't it.  You can press the camera button (in the row of buttons to the right of the steering wheel) when the car is below about 8-10 mph to bring the cameras up.  While the cameras are showing, there's an on-screen 'button' marked "AUTO" - if you press that, then the cameras come on whenever your speed drops below about 8 mph.  When I first got my car I found it a bit distracting, but after a while I tried it again and like it in AUTO mode all the time now.

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And here we go:-

Select Menu, USB, Browse, Videos.  Then select video you wish to watch from list.

Hope that works for you.


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Thanks for that Pete, how did you get the image on to the USB, and is the storage device you are using of a particular rating. Sometimes the spec isn’t up to muster eg.MP4 rather than 3.  I’m a basic techy when it comes to things like this.    
I tried your auto suggestion, it worked and I like it.   
I live in North London and in order to get a good discount with delivery in early Jan this year for my RAV4 I ordered it from a broker near Blackburn. He would have delivered it to my home, but I drove my part-exchange to Blackburn because I wanted to drive the RAV4 back home.        
All went well until the RAV4 broke down a mile into my journey home. Cut a long story short it was a faulty Battery.

Toyota paid for me to stay overnight at a hotel and collected me the following morning and a full tank of fuel and I drove home.

My car before this was an Audi Q3 just a 1.5 litre engine, which now seems not very complicated .





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Hi Jerry.

The image is of the music MP4 that was playing when I took the last pic (you can see it here if interested) https://youtu.be/my_ZHuDodfE

I have a folder structure on my PC containing all my music files and videos.  Then using a Windows file synchronising app called Goodsync whenever I add or change anything on the structure, I bring the USB stick indoors and synchronise the files.  I've only got 2-300 music files and a dozen or so short videos, so my 4GB stick is more than sufficient.  I believe the USB stick must be formatted to FAT32 format, but I've used the same stick since about 2011 when I got my first car with a USB socket.

My only annoyance is that, unlike all previous Toyotas I've had that support USB music, the one in the RAV won't recognise my Playlists.  I get around this by playing from my phone via bluetooth, which does work with playlists, but it's a pain to set up each time I want to use it.

You were pretty unlucky with your first day with your car - I've had 7 Prius (all 4 generations) since 2002, covering over 300,000 miles, plus just over 14,000 in my current RAV and they've never put a foot wrong (touch wood - hope I haven't tempted fate!).

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