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1998 Camry 2.2 Vibrations at idle

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Hello, i have been posting on Swedish forums about this problem that my car has had for a long time now. But i have not found the solution and it is actually making me have nightmares hah!

So im going to give this site a try.

I have a 98 Camry with the 5sfe engine and a manual gearbox.

The problem is that the engine is vibrating alot on idle/low rpm, i can see that the top of the air intake is vibrating. Also the floor, steering wheel and front seat vibrate quite a bit..

If i rev it up to 1000rpm or over, all the vibrations disappear.

It also vibrates/shakes when i take off in 1st gear when the revs drop under 1000.

The idle is normal and sits at around 700-800rpm.

Things i have replaced: Ignition wires, sparkplugs, ignition coils, coolant temperature sensor, fuel filter, air filter, front and rear engine mount.

The timing belt is on correctly and was replaced recently, no difference after i changed it.

I have also cleaned the throttle body, idle air control valve and EGR system.

It has 170,000 Kilometers and has no other problems, it just passed the inspections with perfect emissions.

ANY and ALL tips are appreciated :)

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