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New Yaris, Ownership report

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Hello, i recently moved from the VW ownership stable to a brand new Toyota Yaris Design Hybrid. I've not been able to use it as much as i like (due to Covid) but have gone for several local journies. Here's my thoughts :

Firstly, economy. It's superb! Most of my journies have been around town, and i'm dissapointed if i get less than an indicated 70 mpg. Before lockdown i managed to have a cruise on the motoway and still averaged 56 mpg.  And these figures are achieved in cold weather with heater and aircon on.

Secondly, comfort. Again, it's superb, rides smoothly, super smooth CVT transmission. It's a quiet place to be too.

Thirdly, Features. It doesn't have heated seats, which my last couple of cars have had, but apart from that it's pretty well stocked, the adaptive cruise control is fantastic, the pre collision warning has saved me on once occassion, reversing camera is useful, and i like having auto wipers and lights. Really, on the motorway, it almost drove itself, keeping me in the dead centre of the lane and adjusting speed to match the car in front, really relaxing. The parking hold is brilliant also. On my last car it had a mind of it's own, on the new Yaris it's perfect.

Just three negatives so far, expensive 0w-8 Oil. I have purchased one litre just in case i need to top up. I'm really hoping the car doesn't prove to be an "Oil eater" as it ws very expensive. The next negative is the coolant reservoir. It's very hard to see how much is in there because of where it's situated. You have to dangle a small torch down there to see the level of the liquid.

Lastly, the brakes are a bit "erratic". I'm not sure if this is down to regen or not, but i have "overshot" a couple of times, whilst other times it's stopped sharply. It's a bit hard to predict.

Overall though, no regrets! I cannot wait for the ban on non essential travel to be lifted as i have a series of days out planned so i can drive it for more than 30 minutes or so like now.

I'd recommend the car based on my ownership so far.

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Good to get your impressions on the new car and I'm pleased to hear you are enjoying it.

I haven't even sat in a new Yaris but your comments on ride quality and overall quietness sound promising. The problem I have with any new car is lack of garage width, my 2010 Auris is a 'snug' fit but I would not want anything wider. Unfortunately cars have grown and grown in the last 20 years. Carina's, a Carina E and Audi A4 all fitted easily. A new Corolla will not. So the Yaris is something I may possibly consider in future.

Keep us updated with your impressions... 


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