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hybrid pad & disc replacement

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Hi, it’s same as on non hybrid car however there is one very important step before you start with the change. You have to depressurised the system and disconnect the Battery before you carry any work on the brakes that involved removing the callipers.

Unlock the car , open the drivers door and leave it open you can hear the pump noise under bonnet pressuring the system , take the key away from the car and wait few minutes to hear the pump noise again the system has de pressurised, disconnect the negative terminal of the 12v Battery, place a towel over the rear hatch lock to prevent closing the boot door as its electric. Change all you need to change , pump the brake pedal 3 times before connecting back the Battery or after each side of new disc and pads been fitted., check brake fluid level, keep it at max level. All done. YouTube has plenty of videos to show you, search  for Prius as it’s more popular and it’s the same car. 
Good luck 👍

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1. Make sure brake system is de pressurised 

2. Disconnect negative terminal of the 12v battery 

3. Change all parts and general service of the brakes

4. Press two-three times brake pedal

5. Check brake fluid is at max level 

6. Connect negative terminal to the 12v battery 





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4 minutes ago, 1.8 hybrid said:

thanks tony... i didnt want to have the pistons pushed out by the system

as you said very similar to a conventional system bar a couple of extra steps.


You are welcome 👍

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12 hours ago, 1.8 hybrid said:

its a pity you cant purchase an OBD2 plug that has a jumper wire already fitted

to eliminate the chance of shorting the wrong pins

Don’t need to to do that, I never like an idea to shorten the pins. 👍

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Done my brakes 3 weeks ago felt the same worried if hybrid is the same as normal, I just took the locking wheel nut out of the car the night before I did the brakes. Then on the day do not I repeat do not open the drivers door and just did the discs and pads as normal no problems 

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