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Aygo diffusion grille

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This is an odd question but i need to ask it lol, in the centre of the dash above the radio on an Aygo there is a diffusion grille, can the grill be replaced with an infill? Or is it ok to cover the grille? I just find it quite ugly looking. 

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From your profile, don't you mean C1.

The grill is there, in conjunction with the side vents, to provide a flow of air into the cabin, and may also assist with demisting the windscreen. Neither Toyota nor Stellantis provide an infill to block an air vent. Covering it will reduce the air flow into the cabin, and may also adversely affect demisting. 


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Hi Paul, and welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

If the least of your worries on a 10 year old car is, in your view, an ugly dash grill then the car is doing well. 🤠.   Logic tells me that the manufacturer has put the grill there for a purpose, and Frosty has explained it clearly.

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3 hours ago, jay8bc21 said:

Thanks for the replies, I realise it sounds petty but I am a bit sensory and silly things like this can bother me lol

Not at all, everyone's different, I like that you brought it up, and it proves to me...that im not the ONLY CRAZY ONE lol!

These Aygo's are too cute but have their issues, bit like mwah!

All the best!

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