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Grinding noise at rear when in charging mode

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My 83000 miler is doing ok except... when the hybrid Battery has run down and I’m either parking or in heavy traffic (so presumably the petrol engine is driving the traction motor as a generator) there is a bag of nails sound coming from rear nearside. Naturally it soon stops as the Battery gets a bit of charge or the car gets moving.

I’m getting a service and MOT next week and expecting to get a bit of work done. Also there is a mechanical warranty. 

The mechanic I use is great so I’m sure it’ll be sorted but I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had this?

Anyway I’ll post again with the outcome

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the hybrid Battery cooling fan is under the rear seat on the passenger side

its probably something to do with the fan as the fan will be running when

charging and in ev mode round town

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Hi, this is caused by vibration of the engine when loaded to recharge the hybrid Battery. Most likely you have heat shield unattached from the chassis or broken exhaust support bracket, it depends which one of these two is can be failure on the mot. To save yourself trouble, get under the car yourself or in the garage, get it fix first and then go for an MOT. This is a common issue with gen 3 hybrid drive train. There are 3 brackets to check: 1. Middle silencer, pipe between middle and rear silencer and rear silencer. Heat shields are two: over middle silencer and rear silencer. 



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