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Wheel alignment on new cars?

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Some claims that even new cars can benefit from a wheel alignment, and get reduced road noise, less wear etc. 

Have anyone tried it? And was the car faulty adjusted from the factory? 

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Cant imagine many, if any, are gonna get their brand new car checked for this?  Need a guinea pig

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That’s usually the last thing done at the factory and probably most precisely and by hand therefore I don’t think anyone needs wheel alignment on a new car unless you hit a massive pothole or kerb. I checked mine when bought 5 years old and was ok, slight adjustment where made then after 3 years and 30k miles checked again and was perfect. If you steering wheel is straight and the car doesn’t pull massively to one side and your tyres are wearing evenly there is nothing to worry for the first few years of ownership. Very often poor workmanship from garages will mess your car alignment instead of correcting it properly, avoid kwickfit and similar fast service, look for 4 wheel alignment specialist as your Corollas needs check and adjustments on all 4 wheels and when front axle is adjusted offsets  the rear axle and that needs to be adjusted too. 👍

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