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Problems with the touchscreen on the new Toyota Yaris hybrid

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Bought a brand-new Toyota Yaris hybrid 2021 first problem I had was rear washers intermittently working (that was fixed it was a loose connection) then the front screen rain sensors failed, then to cap it all the touchscreen in the centre of the car decided to randomly phone my phone which didn’t ring but The message on the screen had my mobile number and said it was callingme then the next thing driving along listening to the radio and the radio station started bouncing all over the place these two problems they haven’t been able to diagnose why it’s happening the dealership has had the car now for two weeks anyone else had issues with this new model

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Not sure why this is happening as I have got the corolla but if you haven’t had the vehicle long and if the dealer can’t find the fault i think you are justified in rejecting the vehicle under the sale of goods act as it sounds like you are fed up with it.

I also think that 2 weeks is plenty long enough to diagnose the faults.


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To be fair I really like the car and I’ve had eight new vehicles over the years from Toyota and never once had a problem other then A rattle, i’m picking the car up from the main dealer tomorrow how’s the issue with the rain sensor on the front windscreen has been resolved but as far as the issue with the touchscreen deciding to do what it wants every now and again I may get in touch with Toyota UK

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