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How to change headlight bulbs on a 2019 Yaris Hybrid.

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I have trawled the internet try to find a video depicting how to change the headlight bulbs on my 2019 Yaris Hybrid, projector headlights. Can anyone help and point me in the right direction thanks 🙏.

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Hi, if there is no video in YouTube to help, best is to find out your bulb type, check how looks on pictures online and you will find out easily how to take it out. Usually is , disconnect the wire and turn slightly to one side then pull away. 👍 All you need is some space behind the headlights., oh and you can use clean mechanics gloves they do help a lot with grip and comfort while changing bulbs. Try not to touch glass of the bulbs

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The Projector lights - main and Dipped are the same Bulb what is a HIR2, Indicator is a PY21W

HID and LED bulbs are not road legal

there are a few vids on the tube just search Yaris HIR2, the Auris is very similar

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