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Making a buggy out of a 1994 Toyota Corolla 4EFE and the ECU wont start after removing the engine and loom from the car.

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Pulled the loom and basically everything under the hood out a year or so ago and now i am making a buggy out of them. The engine is mounted in the buggy and all the electronics are all connected together.
I removed the aftermarket security but that only cut the main power to the ignition barrel. Everything that's needed for the ECU to work is connected. It sparks and powers the fuel pump.
I compared the two ECU plugs with a 1996 Corolla that has the same engine and the wire colours on the 16pin plug are different. The 1996 Corolla ones match a wiring diagram i got from Autodata, the 1994 one doesn't. Only two wires come from the main fuse box to the ECU on the 1994 and both of them have 12v. Weirdly the 1994's ECU works with the 1996 even though the wire colours are different. I don't think in 1994 Corollas even had a factory option for an immobilizer.

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Just had a quick look, cars after 05/1995 had immobilizers, the ecu should be 89661-1A080 Green label

if you pop the lid off the ecu the pin outs should be on the pcb silkscreen of an ecu of that age

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