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Rear suspension axle beam bushes

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Really stuck on this one and need advice.    2003 Toyota Corolla Verson 2. D  Failed  MOT on suspension beam bushes, They were very bad.    Managed to drop beam  and get old bushes out - not easiest job !   Breathed sigh of relief - cleaning if bosses ( circles)    but where to find 2 new bushes ?      Lots on EBay but as almost always when I put in  2003     0r particularly  Corolla Verso parts come up as not suitable, Seems to happen almost every part I try to buy.  Had same problem with   front discs form example  yet local Motor Factors had them no trouble.    It seems those compatibility charts  just do not recognise the Verso ?    but surely lots of parts are same.  Would I be better putting in a different Model which is same as Verso ?

Can anyone tell me where to get bushes ( sensible price I hope)  or  will other Corolla model fit.  I wanted to get poly bushes as replacements  as probably easier to re-fit without a press ?     Ad adverts looked good - but no-one can confirm fit .     Will attempt rubber bushes   if I cannot get poly - but which ones ?   Really stuck and off road and not easy to travel  now of course .

Burnt old bushes out but inner tube is 96-97mm  dai   ?    OD  of bush 65mm   and length 50mm as far as I can tell,  Will measure more accurately when all cleaned up.   Can anyone advice

Or can anyone  at least  suggest where I can get a Verso part diagram so at least I can always get OE numbers.  It is always a problem with parts and spoils an excellent car which I really do not want to write off.  


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What price does Mr. T want ?

You could try this EU place,  which does show some Verso bushes, but not sure what HP yours is;  do not forget the import costs/ charges now we are Brexit.


No idea if there are any polybushes, not a bush that is replaced that often.

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A couple of ways, if your local Toyota dealer will not give you the part number if you ask for its price.

Also some methods as detailed by  @Flash22  in another post.


It seems out of stock in most places, part numbers are from the Toyota EPC (Electronics Parts Catalogue) you can also look them up online on sites like megazip, toyodiy and Toyota.epc-data

And there's paid access via Toyota-tech.eu



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Are they the bushes at the front edge of the sub frame? If so they are £98 from your dealer 

Most parts on the Verso are not the same as a standard Corolla

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With the info given - 48725-12580

Febest TAB-074 £20-30 each they also cross to a GM part number 88970096




ps. i take it you have knocked out the metal sleeves of the bushes

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Thanks all.  Looks like I can order some tomorrow from places you suggest.    yes flash 22   did manage to take pushes out after I removed whole beam axle -think I was lucky that bolts had not seized into bush centres ?  goodness knows what happens then.      I actually slowly burnt away rubbers when I had it on ground and then managed to slowly cut away the outer case.  Have some cleaning up to do.   Worry a bit about putting new bushes in when I order them as I have no press and not sure using threaded stud etc will give enough pressure.  Not possible now with Covid travel restrictions to take it far to get pressed and it is also awkward  to hold/ move into place   as I have not removed hubs as bolts are seized  and difficult to put much heat on them with damage to ABS or hub parts, so may leave and hope I can press bushes in some shape -  even fact that bushes to not have usual flush end is going to be a challenge  !  Probably better to buy a complete   s/hand axle with hubs etc ( my backplates also in poor condition)   but no breakers around here have any and prices from Internet with carriage probably half value of car

Thanks again for advice all -  if only it were a Trials bike !

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