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Fan belt change & #36 oil filled device

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I noticed a cutting & grinding noise last weekend and it seems to be coming from the pulleys on the LHS of the engine. One tooth of the fan belt is no missing.

I bought a new belt for the A/C version but the belt seems to wrap around the engine mount and it refuses to release!!! There's a round device mounted to the engine mount and as we thought it maybe hid another bolt we cut the rubber hood and it started leaking Oil!!!!!!  It doesnt seem to plumbed in, in any way but it had fluid inside.  I tried watching a few videos of  Mk2 fan belt changes but they route around the engine mount and not over it!!!

Is there anything odd about the 1.3 VVTI engine in the Yaris TR 07???? A seemingly 10 minute job turned into an hour job & we ended up putting it but to butts with the old belt in place.

Please help until I get the fan belt replaced and for the love of god please tell me what device 36 is in the engine bay.





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I can't see any images that you may have posted I could be wrong but it sounds to me that you have damaged the the 'fluid' engine mount by opening the seal. You say hat there was a 'tooth' missing on the belt, are you sure because the belt should be of the 'grooved' type and why are you trying to fit the belt over the engine mount?


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you shouldn't need to touch the engine mount, release the tensioner/alternator bracket - remove the belt it's a 10 min job

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