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Antifreeze after applying Steel Seal

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Hi Everyone,

I have recently applied emergency fix to Toyota Estima 2000 import using Steel Seal. Previous antifreeze red OAT - am not able to use this with Steel Seal, would using blue ethelyne glycol as recommended by Steel Seal be a problem do you think. Currently radiator is water only? Any advice greatly appreciated. I would like to keep my beloved Estima going a while longer.

Many thanks,



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Hello Gaynor,

it is my understanding that you can use standard blue antifreeze so long as the original red is flushed out first. Given the hassle, might it not be more beneficial to rectify the source of the coolant leak?

After a re-read I note you only have water in there currently.

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Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for getting back to me and the advice. Yes it is my head gasket I believe but system is already flushed and the miracle that is Steel Seal seems to have done what it says on the bottle. So far am mighty impressed.

Thanks again.



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