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Avensis T22 mesh grille and various body parts

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Looking at my topic title the phrase "....and various body parts" has a rather dark tone but I'm looking for some replacement parts for my 2002 1.8 vvt-i (facelifted) Avensis. I really wish to find an SR mesh grille preferably in silver which seems to describe 90% of T22 Avensis (would the plural be Avensi or Avenses?) although I've seen few silver SRs either way the colour isn't particularly a problem as I'd repaint it to match. Also I'm interested in a 2000-2003 T22 front bumper and wings (definitely silver would be preferable),the rear hatch lock surround - the plastic piece that fits above the number plate,I'm not even sure what it's called but mine snapped off and I've struggled to find a replacement as of yet. Lastly,a rear subframe i.e the main frame member that bolts to the rear chassis rails and locates the 4 suspension arms,as I've used mine as the main jacking point for the rear end of the car it's become deformed and mildly rusted so a decent replacement is if not essential certainly desireable.

In fact if anyone out there is breaking a 2000-2003 SR then that would be ideal. Even someone with a 2000 onwards hatchback T22 of any model except a diesel or automatic then message me as I've taken my own T22 temporarily off the road to give it something of a mini restoration-ish so there's probably all kinds of parts I can't think of off the top of my head that I don't actually NEED for the car but would be definitely be interested in.


Cheers FB

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Just now, Sophia32

Contact Robert through robertwilliam6591@gmail.com,he has what you want.

Thank you 😊

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