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How long to replace a full clutch? (Toyota Aygo)

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Hi everyone

My cars clutch seized up without warning. The car has only done 30k miles when I bought it from the dealership (not Toyota dealership).

My car got towed away to the dealership coming up to 3 weeks now. Last week they mentioned that the clutch parts have been ordered but didn't say to me an estimate date of when I will receive my car back. 

This is 3 weeks without a car and I am not going to lie but its quite daunting... I can't wait to get back on the road.

But surely it shouldn't take this long unless they are extremely busy? 

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Presume it got towed to the dealer you bought the car from?? Suppose it depends where they order their parts from - may not be Toyota.

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3-4 hours to change a clutch on a lift with the right tools, are you paying for the clutch or is the garage ? Aygo clutches are a stocked item from most motor factors same day delivery, 24 or 48 hours at worst

If you are paying for the work take it to another garage asap

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