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Which Trickle Charger should I buy ? / general advice

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Hi Folks,

i have an 3rd gen 2012 1.8 Prius,
I replaced my 12v about 2 months ago, went to car yesterday moring and door was partially open, 12v completely flat 😞
local toyota dealer wants 60€+vat to charge, at this rate I am thinking i should just buy a trickle charger,
I was told by the toyota mechanic at its last recall that triclke chargers should sue a low amp, just cant rememeber the specifics of the conversation

can anyone advise me on what I should look for when buying a Battery charger,



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  • tommytee changed the title to Which Trickle Charger should I buy ? / general advice

See my post in another thread...

(For Yaris, insert Prius...)

Here is a couple of photos showing it plugged in/installed in my car...




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I highly recommend the CTEC MXS 5.0, it has won lots of group tests recently. It’s a brilliant bit of kit. It has features to recondition your Battery as well (well worthwhile if yours has gone flat) 


I bought it from here: https://www.tayna.co.uk/battery-chargers/ctek/mxs5-0/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlLGG6uKR7gIVt4BQBh3LJQigEAQYAyABEgJ37fD_BwE


check out the reviews on the website

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