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Avensis 1.8 petrol 2012 - re-mapping?? Anybody had it done?


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I would say no or at least very rare. If the engine had a turbo, then there is more scope. Even hard still is the fact that the Valvematic engine is a complicated set up and Toyota ECUs are not easy to chip! To generate more torque, more air and fuel is needed. This would mean forced induction of super charger or turbo. The 2.0l version of the Valvematic engine is not that much more powerful, with 20Nm extra of torque.  Look at this to understand the ZR engine series -  https://toyota-club.net/files/faq/19-09-30_faq_zr-engine_eng.htm

I am mostly happy with my 1.8 Tourer and when I do need the power, which is not much, it revs easily. The only time is in high gears on the motorway, when I might need to come out of 6th gear, but I am not racing anywhere. 

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Just like Konrad said. It is worthless to get a chip to a naturally aspirated petrol car. You maybe get 1-3 horsepower more and You cant feel those horsepowers in any circumstances.

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