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master key lost (all keys lost)

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Can you help? My car is Toyota Avensis 1.6, year 57, I mean 2007.

I lost my only master key and I got only valet ( grey) key left. I think it's a valet. I have bought replacement,  cut to the key code and with transponder/chip fitted (3 button case). It now needs programming. Can I use a laptop for it? If yes what software? or does it have to be dedicated car key programming device? any reasonably priced, possibly under 100 pounds? 

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on an 57 it will be dealer only for programming, you could try phoning a few proper locksmiths (not timpsons), some have tools, some don't

A lost master means all keys have to be wiped and programmed

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Look for a local Automotive Locksmith. They will be able to programme it.

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