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Blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe

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Blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe
I have a Toyota Avensis t27 2.0 diesel from 2009, and it has been smoking from the exhaust (blue-white smoke) in the last 3 month some few times. There is no type of leak. I saw some discussion regarding this issue, but I have not found any solution.
I cleaned the EGR and checked all injector if they might be spraying too much or too little fuel. Nothing seems to be wrong.
On some platforms, people are talking about the 5th injector, which leaves to try cleaning it.
I do not know what may be wrong, but I bet there is something wrong with the 5th injector.
Anyone that have experience with this problem?
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I had this problem a couple of years ago but it was not constant, just intermittent. I read something on this forum about loose or faulty wiring on the 5th injector and took it out although not fully as it is under the fuel pump on mine (2008 T180) and I jiggled the wires about. The other thread the person actually replaced the wiring from the 5th injector which solved his problem but that was beyond my expertise but the jiggling seemed to solve the problem and the injector was nice and clean as well. No problems with it since. I have however recently had an intermittent problem with another injector which I cannot isolate and neither can diagnostic experts, so any ideas would be welcome


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I seem to see a lot of taxis with exactly same blue smoke blow out under acceleration seems to be 5th injecter spray too much fuel and it burning it off .

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