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Can I replace the stereo in my 2014 Toyota Yaris  with CD player for one out of a 2019 Yaris without CD 

any help would be much appreciated thank you

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OK its a pre facelift mk3 with a Toyota touch yes it will fit and its plug and play, if the new one has DAB you will need to add a DAB aerial

iirc the surround is a bit bigger, so you will need to trim the dash pad down, trim the surround or fit a 2015-18 dash pad*, the later 17 onwards touch 2 (silver buttons) the surround unclips from the radio

Pic's for reference







mk3 stereo removal - Copy.pdf

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I have recently  added DAB to my 2015  Yaris ICON I used this aerial    Imwell DAB Aerial Car Radio Signal Amplifier GSM Patch: AmazonSmile: Electronics     which I have stuck to the top of the windscreen to left of the mirror ( looking from the inside ) but had to use a adapter from this pack in the pack of the radio    Bingfu DAB Car Aerial Adapter SMB Female to Male: AmazonSmile: Electronics      A fairly easy job , took less than a hour and that included swopping the Sat Nav module of the old radio on to the new one with DAB 

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Thanks for your replies. I was looking at the one with the silver buttons

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